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Cat appears on a TV show called "The Talk," and praises Supergirl. 

Kara catches Winn and Siobhan in the storage closet. 

James tells Kara that Lucy broke up with him. 

Alex tells Kara she should go for it with James. 

Senator Crane stops by the DEO. She is apparently interested in Hank. 

Kara goes to help at a fire and is exposed to red kryptonite. 

Kara's attitude changes and she becomes arrogant and rude, and she lets a Fort Rozz prisoner escape. 

Siobhan shows Cat a video of Supergirl letting the bad guy get away, but Cat doesn't want to do anything with it.

Alex brings in the alien who tells them Supergirl let him escape. 

Cat fires Siobhan after Kara finds out she went to a competitor. 

Kara messes things up with James and he knows something is wrong with her. 

Kara throws Cat off a building and then catches her at the last second to prove a point. 

Max Lord admits to the DEO that he attempted to create kryptonite to use against Non, but he didn't get it right. He claims he wants to help. 

Cat goes on TV and denounces Supergirl.

Alex tries to talk to Kara and explain that this isn't really her, but it doesn't work.

Senator Crane convinces Hank that they need to take Supergirl down. Lord develops a cure for the red kryptonite. 

Hank transforms into the Green Martian to stop Supergirl after she breaks Alex's arm. Alex hits her with Lord's cure. 

Kara apologizes to Alex. 

Hank is arrested and put in a cell inside the DEO. Senator Crane questions him. 

Kara apologizes to James and admits she was jealous of Lucy. He asks for time to think.

Supergirl apologizes to Cat who tells her it will take time to win the city back, but she can do it. 






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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Alex: He likes you, you like him, okay? Rebound relationships, they can work.
Kara: Name one.
Alex: Kim and Kanye.
Kara: I'm embarrassed you even know that.

I'm never using anything from that closet ever again without using surgical gloves.