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The city is still skeptical on if they can trust Supergirl. 

Siobhan complains to Winn about how Kara ruined her chances at being a journalist. 

J'onn wants Alex to pretend she didn't know about him and protect herself. She refuses to abandon him. 

Lucy arrives with the military to interrogate J'onn, and they have a device that blocks his and Supergirl's powers.

J'onn tells them how he saved Jeremiah Danvers' life. Flashbacks show them meeting and Jeremiah promising to help him. 

Hank shows up to kill J'onn and Jeremiah fights him. They both die. 

Siobhan sends an email to Cat from Kara's account. 

Alex is interrogated next. She tells how J'onn recruited her. Alex and J'onn are both arrested and taken away. 

James tells Kara that the place they're taking them to will dissect J'onn. 

Kara tells Lucy she's Supergirl and asks for help. She tells her what it was like for her as an alien trying to fit in. 

Kara and Lucy come to Alex and J'onn's rescue. J'onn erases Col Harper's mind and sees that Jeremiah Danvers is alive. 

Alex and J'onn are going to find him, but Alex tells Kara she can't come with her. She's a fugitive now. 

Cat brings Siobhan in and tells her she knows she sent the email, thanks to Winn analyzing the text. 

Lucy is the new acting director of the DEO.

Siobhan falls off the roof of CatCo, but survives. 

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Winn: Do you think Supergirl's lost the public's trust for good?
Cat: I suppose if Mel Gibson can present at the Golden Globes, then Supergirl can win the city back.

I know you're feeling betrayed and alone, but if you go along with Jim Harper just to feel like you fit in, to feel like you belong somewhere, ultimately, the only person you're betraying is yourself.