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Maggie is working a hostage negotiation, and Kara swoops in to save the day. 

Alex, Maggie, Kara, and Mon-El have dinner. Maggie is annoyed that Kara took over the hostage situation. They get in an argument over police work versus Supergirl. 

Lena agrees to have dinner with Rhea to discuss her business proposal. 

Kara gets a call from a mystery man who says he has Alex. He wants a man released from prison or he'll kill Alex. He knows Kara is Supergirl. 

Lena and Rhea bond over their relationships with their mother and son. 

J'onn, Maggie, and Kara talk to the prisoner. He doesn't know who kidnapped Alex.

Winn discovers that the prisoner has a son. Kara goes to his house and confronts him, but he won't tell her where Alex is. 

Maggie questions Rick and he reveals how he knew Kara was Supergirl. 

Lena figures out that Rhea is an alien. She tells her she won't help her and kicks her out. 

Alex removes her tracker from her shoulder and connects it to the camera in her cell. Winn tracks her and Kara goes to her, despite Maggie thinking they should wait. As soon as she gets there, it's the wrong location and Alex's cell starts to fill with water. 

Rhea returns to Lena and tries to convince her to work with her. She says she'll think about it. 

Kara and Maggie find out from Peter where Rick would have taken Alex. They rescue her just in time. 

Alex and Maggie say "I love you" for the first time. 

Lena agrees to Rhea's proposal. 

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Rhea: I wish I had a daughter like you. Your mother must be proud.
Lena: Well that's not how I'd describe her.
Rhea: Mothers and daughters, not always the easiest relationship.
Lena: More like apocalyptic, but you know...

Mon-El: Alex, don't be embarrassed, ok? The first time I tried to microwave macaroni and cheese, they had to evacuate three city blocks.
Kara: That's an exaggeration, but I have seen less terrifying nuclear explosions.