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Kara tells Mon-El that they're not a good match and she doesn't have time for dating anyway. 

Kara wants to celebrate her Earth birthday with Alex, but Maggie got them tickets to Barenaked Ladies. Kara is disappointed, but tells her to go. 

J'onn's been following M'gann in order to protect her. A White Martian attacks. J'onn and Kara fight it, but it gets away. 

The White Martian is M'gann's husband. She refuses to go back with him. He gives her two hours to turn herself over to him, or he'll kill J'onn and Kara. 

Alex feels guilty and goes to talk to Kara. Kara assures her she's not mad and tells her to go have fun. The Martian shapeshifts as Winn and attacks the DEO. J'onn puts them on lockdown until it is caught. 

The Martian sabotaged the system to blow up the DEO. They split up to find the real Winn. 

It turns out there are two White Martians, and the other one is Alex. Kara fights the Alex Martian while J'onn and real WInn go to the reactor. 

M'gann and J'onn fight Armek and Winn stabilizes the reactor. 

M'gann tells J'onn she's going back to Mars to see if there are others like her. 

Kara tells Alex she felt her slipping away. Alex assures her she's not going anywhere. Alex pushes Kara to admit she has feelings for Mon-El. 


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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

You know, I've been talking to some of the regulars, and apparently Earth males are only supposed to express their feelings about sports and occasionally monster trucks. Who knew?


Kara: He told me he liked me the other day.
Alex: I am so shocked.
Kara: Was it that obvious?
Alex: Duh.