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Kara trains Mon-El to be a superhero. She thinks he's ready. 

Winn is tired from the workload of the DEO and helping James. He wants to tell Kara. James promises to talk to her. 

M'gann falls into a coma and Alex doesn't know what's wrong with her. 

Livewire escapes from prison. 

Alex tells J'onn that M'gann is a few hours from brain death. J'onn refuses to help her. 

LIvewire attacks the NCPD. Kara tells Mon-El to stay with the cops while she fights her and her partner, but he doesn't listen. Guardian arrives to help them and both he and a cop are injured. Kara takes Guardian's mask off and sees it's James. 

Kara tells Mon-El that she can't trust him if he can't listen to her. She asks him if he likes her, but he denies it. 

Winn discovers that Livewire didn't escape, she was taken. He tells James he knows where she is and Mon-El overhears. 

J'onn uses his Martian bond to try to help M'gann. He is able to bring her back. 

Livewire's electricity is being used by an evil scientist to create the copies that attacked the cops. Guardian and Mon-El arrive to help her. 

Winn calls Kara to tell her that James and Mon-El have also been captured. 

Kara arrives and rescues them, as well as Livewire. Kara's weakened and Livewire considers killing her, but chooses to help take down the bad guys instead. 

James and Winn tell Kara that they want to work with her, but they are going to continue with or without her support. She tells them she can't support them putting themselves in danger. 

J'onn tells M'gann she will be free when she's recovered. M'gann tells her that her people know where she is, and they are coming. 

Mon-El admits he remembers kissing Kara and that he cares about her. 


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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I hate having a nemesis. Clark always makes it look so much fun, like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year. But having a nemesis is stressful.


Winn: If there's a flaw in your suit, that means the suit is faulty. Which means I have to go fix it. And that already on top of me having to make Mon-El a suit.
James: Mon-El?
Winn: Oh yeah, didn't you hear? He graduated from superhero kindergarten, so now I have to make him a suit, according to Kara. And that just means more work for me.