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The gang participates in karaoke night at the bar. Alex tells J'onn and his father it's time for them to throw a house warming party. Just as Winn is about to sing, a news report shows his father has died. 

Winn's mom shows up at the funeral, and as the casket is put in the ground, it explodes. Luckily everyone is okay. Mary tells Winn that his father told her he would kill Winn if she ever went near him. He doesn't believe her and doesn't want to hear her excuses. 

Flying robot monkeys attack the DEO with a message that says "surrender Mary." 

Alex has dinner with J'onn and M'yrnn and begins to notice lapses in M'yrnn's memory. Alex realizes he is suffering from dementia, but he's keeping it from J'onn. 

Mary is taken by the Toyman's apprentice who says she will trade her for Winn. Kara, Mon-El, James, and Winn go to her rescue. Winn and Mary take down the apprentice. 

Mon-El reveals to Kara what Imra told him about their actual mission. Stopping the third WorldKiller in this time will also save the future. 

M'yrnn comes clean to J'onn about his condition. 

Lena has Sam in some sort of medical chamber. 






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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Mary: You have every right to be furious with me.
Winn: Oh thank you. Thank you for your permission.

Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame, but I like it!