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Kara, Winn, and J'onn are shocked to find Mon-El alive on a ship buried far underneath National City. Kara is at first excited by his return, but his odd behavior makes her suspicious, and that suspicion is justified when she finds him breaking into a secured area of the DEO. Mon-El refuses to explain his actions to her, even after she breaks down and shares how heart broken she's been since his disappearance. Winn visits Mon-El later, not really expecting to get an explanation where Kara failed, but Mon-El reveals that he is keeping his secrets to try and protect Kara. This convinces Winn to help Mon-El escape and return to the ship. Kara follows them there, finding them attempting to repair the life support systems. One of the hypersleep pod fails, and Kara has to break it open to rescue the woman inside. Mon-El is less than forthcoming about who the woman is when Kara asks, but they still manage to share a tender moment on the balcony, only to be interrupted by the mysterious woman, Imra. Mon-El goes to her and kisses her passionately before revealing that she's his wife, shocking Kara, who had hoped that the fact he still wore her necklace may mean he still cared for her. 

Sam is still shaken by the incident with the bullet, and tests her invulnerability by placing her hand in a pot of boiling water. When she is uninjured, she abruptly sends Ruby to a friend's house and drives out to see her estranged adoptive mother. Patricia reveals that Sam wasn't adopted but found, and shows her the pod she found the baby in. The pod comes to life when Sam touches it, and a crystal emerges. Sam then decides to go in search of orgins, using the crystal to guide her. After her car breaks down, she wanders through the desert on foot, until finally something that looks like a desert version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude emerges from the ground beneath her feet. She enters, and a holograph appears. It tells her that she is from Krypton, and that she will be known as a Worldkiller. Sam resists, and insists that she will never dole at vengence as the AI predicts, citing Ruby as evidence that she's good. But the AI starts a transformation in Sam; her eyes turn red and she starts speaking in Kryptonian. 

Winn and Alex are worried about M'yrnn's adjustment to Earth, and urge J'onn to spend time with his father. During their outing, M'rynn accuses his son of being too invested in his work. J'onn bristles at the accusation, but ends up renting an apartment for him and his father, acknowledging the older man's observations as valid. 

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex [to J'onn]: I will alert you if anything happens.
Winn: Yes, leave us in charge. And by us, I mean Alex because I should *not* be in charge of anything.

Sam: Hold my hand. You feel that?
Ruby: Your pulse?
Sam: That's you. You are my heart.