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Alex finds Lena Luthor sedated with a letter from Lex Luthor disclosing everything. 

Lena awakens and attempts to tell Alex about being complicit in Lex's plan, but she doesn't get the chance to. 

She searches for answers by visiting her mother, Lillian, but all she does is make things worse. 

Lena teams up with Supergirl and Alex to find out all she can about Eve, her traitor of an assistant, the woman who loves Lex, and the weakest link on the team. 

They visit Eve's favorite aunt's house but find her cousin Bitsie instead. 

Lena recalls that Bitsie had cancer and they realize Eve came to give her the serum which is now causing her to have superhuman powers.

Bitsie tells them about Eve's secret lab and upon arrival, Supergirl learns that Lena recreated the Harun-El. 

At first, she's angry because the idea of an object that could weaken her is frightening, but she apologizes and acknowledges that Lena used it to save James Olsen. 

Lena also finds blueprints to her mother's cell and informs Lillian that Lex planned to kill her. She offers her protection in exchange for whatever she knows. 

The Alien Amnesty Act is repealed, much to Ben Lockwood's surprise, and havoc breaks out amongst the humans and the aliens. 

James arrives at the White House posing as a reporter while Supergirl checks the perimeter. 

He informs Ben Lockwood that he knows about his dealings with Lex Luthor, but the news comes as a shock to Lockwood. 

Supergirl tries to apprehend Eve, but it surprised to find a hologram instead.

It's a trap and she walked right into it.

As she's pinned down by a Kryptonite suit, the Red Daughter attacks the White House posing to be Supergirl. 

President Baker declares Supergirl public enemy number one as a result of her attack. 

Lena and Alex summon Supergirl and tell her that they know she's not capable of committing such crimes. They vow to help her figure it all out.

Supergirl also reaches out to J'onn for help, but he jetted off to Mars to bury the Sacred Symbols after working through his identity crisis with M'yrnn. 

Meanwhile, James finally admits he's suffering from severe PTSD and turns to his sister, Kelly, for help.  


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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Lillian Luthor: I know you're upset Lex outsmarted you. He hurt your poor little heart.
Lena Luthor: Well, at least I have a heart.
Lillian Luthor: An overrated organ. Romanticized by poets and frivolous women.

I do see red sometimes, and it's not an ego thing or allegiance, or anything like that. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. And since Superman left, and Lex has been free, it feels a lot heavier. If my enemies are strengthened, if I'm weakened in the slightest, I could lose. And I just can't ... I can't lose.