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Jeremiah died of a cardiac arrest in a refugee camp in the Peruvian Andes.

Alex refuses to go to Jeremiah's funeral.

Alex uses Obsidian lenses to escape her pain. She enters a reality where she is Supergirl.

William asks Kelly if she knows if the satellites that Lex launched over a city where he is on his Obsidian world tour have anything to do with Obsidian Platinum's launch. She says that they don't.

Alex meets Bonnie, a woman posing as a treasure hunter.

A man, Derek, in Alex's virtual reality world is one of the people being held by Leviathan in the real world.

Kelly is notified that Obsidian's failsafe error was not fixed. She tells Andrea and she tells her she will handle it without notifying their users by asking for the board for more funds.

Bonnie is confused when Alex wants to go back to reality. She does not realize the virtual world is fake. Leviathan collects her body in the real world.

Hank Henshaw kidnaps Kara and threatens to expose Alex's secret identity in the virtual world. Alex apprehends him and the DEO save Kara.

Kelly asks William for his help in making sure no one else is trapped in Obsidian's virtual reality. He contacts a friend at the NSA to check on people who have been using the VR lenses for more than 48 hours.

Alex begins to think that she is in the real world, not virtual reality.

Alex runs into another person pretending to be Supergirl. It appears as if she takes herself out of the simulation, but she wakes up still being Supergirl.

Kelly finds her at her apartment and enters the virtual world to try to wake her up.

Kelly tries to reason with her, but Alex does not believe her. Kelly exits the simulation.

Kelly calls Andrea. Andrea tells her that she needs to confront Alex with something that proves she is not in the real world.

Kelly sends a younger version of Alex to confront Alex. Young Alex takes her to the Cadmus facility where she last saw Jeremiah.

She shows her that there is not a world where she could have saved Jeremiah.

Alex ends her simulation.

Alex tells her about the other people stuck in the virtual world.

William's NSA friend tracks the IP address of the VR users on the list that William sent him. A large group of them are located at the same address.

Andrea asks Eve for a full diagnostic write up on the failsafe error.

William goes to the address his NSA friend provided him with. Margot sees him coming and turns herself and all the bodies of those stuck in the VR world invisible.

William leaves, but on his way out, he finds a hospital bracelet.

Alex goes to her father's funeral.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Alex: The man that I loved hasn't been a father to me in years. And...and yes. Yes we were so close that we could just, we could finish each other's sentences. But his obsession with keeping you safe changed all of it. Nothing else mattered to him, the least of all me.
Kara: That is not true.
Alex: Come on Kara, he treated you like you were some golden girl. And of course you have love for him, and I totally respect that. But he treated me like I wasn't even worth his time.

I just found out that my father passed away. He kind of treated me like I was an equal. Especially when it came to taking care of my mother, and definitely when it came to taking care of my sister. And I don't know, I thought it was really cool that he would give me that kind of responsibility, but I look back at it now and I'm, I just...like it is totally unfair that he put all of that on me. I mean, my sister, she can be a handful. So I thought if I came in here, I could just feel some freedom for myself. I could fly around and I could knock things down without anybody being able to stop me. And then I would feel better. But I don't. I mean, not really. Cause, I mean, my dad's still dead. My girlfriend, she's right. I have a lot of things to work through.