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Alex uploaded spyware on her DEO internet so that she can spy on Lex.

William asks Kara out on a date.

Toyman attacks Brainy. Kara, Alex, and Winn save him.

Toyman has infiltrated the DEO's system. Winn tells them that his dad was working on becoming hyper conscious.

Brainy figures out that Toyman used Obsidian lenses to upload himself onto a laptop and essentially make himself an AI. Winn thinks that he can reverse-engineer his dad's code into a kill code.

Toyman threatens to kill everyone at the DEO if they don't lower the firewall to the world wide web.

Lex orders Brainy to get Toyman's code so that he can be immortal and destroy Leviathan.

Andrea and Kelly have trouble with making Obsidian Platinum's interface work.

Lena wants to collaborate with Andrea to help her, but really she just wants her to help further her Non Nocere algorithm. Andrea declines.

Winn tells Kara that he is the one that came up with his dad's code.

Alex and DEO agents start disabling any technology that Toyman can access.

Winn and Kara run into Winn's dad. He returned when the new Toyman came back. He offers his help to them.

Lex approaches Gemma Cooper to convince Obsidian North to collaborate with Luthor Corp.

Brainy starts to copy Toyman's code onto a flashdrive.

Alex confronts Brainy about hacking into her tablet and overriding her commands. He tells her he did it to protect her from Lex.

Gemma confronts Andrea about Obsidian Platinum's interface not working and refusing Lena's help. Andrea calls Lena.

Toyman's AI infiltrates Lexosuits and they attack.

Winn uploads himself into the DEO's system so that he can enter the kill code. Toyman finds him and they fight.

Winn lets his father out of a cell and he holds Toyman back while Winn enters the code. Toyman and Winn's father are deleted.

Lex figures out that Lena sabotaged Obsidian Platinum to get what she wanted from Andrea.

Gemma meets with the lady from Leviathan.

Alex quits the DEO to work with J'onn at the Tower.

Winn goes back to the future with the new call name "Toyman."

Kara declines William's date invintation.

Brainy gives Lex Toyman's immortality code.

Lex makes Brainy the director of the DEO.

Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up at Kara's door.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

A Lex who cares about the emotional state of others, this really is a whole new world.


Winn: Hey Super...Kara.
Kara: Mmhm?
Winn: She is super.
William: Sure.