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William goes to a club to confront someone, Jared, who is killed by a a tattooed woman who uses a spider to kill him.

Alex and Kelly disagree over Kelly being cautious after being attacked by Ma’alefa’ak.

Lena is having trouble rewriting the sequences of human brains without making them act like robots. Hope believes that Lex can help Lena through Eve’s memories.

Hope tells Lena about journals detailing Lex’s encounters with Q waves. They are locked away in Fort Summit.

At a meeting, Kara finds out Jared, a genius she’s interviewed, died. William refutes Kara’s desire to do a story on it by saying he's already looked into it. She uses her powers to tell he's lying.

James offers to help Kara solve the murder.

A shady man, Pete Andrews (Sean Astin), meets Kelly at her office. They are old friends.

Kara and Lena meet for lunch. She manipulates Kara into getting Lex’s journals for her.

James and Kara go to the ME’s office to see Jared’s body. Kara sees the spider tattooed in his heart.

Nia uses her Dreamer powers to help J’onn. They see a memory where Ma’alefa’ak use his powers to hurt others as a young boy. M’yrnn locks his son away. Ma’alefa’ak sides with the White Martians.

Kara sees William and the tattoo girl at the nightclub on tapes from the night Jared was killed. They figure out she is an Orifacian, an alien organism that attaches to a host body.

Kara and James go to the new host’s home and fight her. After hurting James, she gets away.

Nia shows J’onn the rest of his memory. J’onn is the one who erased their memories in order to save his father. J’onn makes Nia swear to not tell anybody.

Kara steals Lex’s journals and a watch from Fort Summit.

Kara and the DEO fight the Orifacian at a hospital. They detain her but not before a shadow flies by and kills her.

Kelly sneaks Pete in into her lab after hours to help him with his PTSD from the war. He attacks her. He is actually Ma’alefa’ak and he was using Kelly to help return his powers to him.

J’onn saves her. Ma’alefa’ak starts shape-shifting to get away but Kelly can now tell who he really is. He escapes.

Kelly inadvertently gave Ma’alefa’ak the power of inception.

Kelly and James go into hiding.

Nia tells Brainy he is too much. Brainy tells Nia he can’t help but be himself and leaves.

William meets with a man who gives him money.

Kara gives Lena the journals and James the watch, a transmitter portal.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

You are really starting to bug me.


Nia: You said I had to be honest, even if it hurt your feelings, so here's the truth. It's just too much. Okay, from now on, no more food, no more poems, no more anything. I know that you mean well, I know where you are coming from and it's sweet, it's all so sweet. I just, it's too much.
Brainy: You asked me to be myself, to be completely myself with you. But, now you tell me you don't want that. I can only operate at one hundred percent. It's just how I'm built. Which is entirely my problem and not yours.