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Andrea shows CatCo the new commercial for her VR contact lenses. She wants them to promote them in their stories.

Kara lies to Nia about William's true intentions.

Lena and Hope transform Malefic into a human form.

Kara wants to help William take down Andrea. She takes him to the DEO where they watch Alex interrogate Breathtaker.

Under the influence of the truth seeker, she tells them that she's never met the people who hire her, only other contract killers. William gets riled up when she starts talking about one called Rip Roar and Alex throws him out of the room. 

William tells Kara that Rip Roar killed his best friend, Russell Rogers.

At Fort Summit, Rip Roar steals Lex Luthor's marathon laser.

Malefic tells Lena that if she removes the part of his brain that stops him from killing his brother, he'll give her access to his mind.

Brainy puts the Orifician in him so that Kara and Alex can interrogate it while using the truth seeker. It doesn't know anything either.

Rip Roar meets up with the old woman from Leviathan.

Kara and William break into Andrea's office. Kara finds a picture of Andrea and Russell. They used to date.

Supergirl fights Rip Roar at a satellite in New Mexico. He hits her with a fusion cannon, which can create an energy beam a hundred times hotter than the center of the sun. J'onn heals her.

Lena runs tests on Malefic, making him incept creatures from other planets. 

Brainy finds that the contract killers all targeted a base in Antarctica within the last month. He thinks Rip Roar is going to melt an ice cap there, unleashing a catastrophic flood.

Rip Roar causes an explosion in Antarctica, causing a number of sea swells.

Supergirl and J'onn capture him and try to stop the geyser that is sending massive waves to coasts.

Andrea launches her VR contact lenses, with Kelly joining in while waiting for Alex for their date.

Dreamer stops the huge wave heading for National City while Kara and J'onn control the geyser.

The DEO can't use the truth seeker on Rip Roar because his armor is biologically adhered to him and protects him.

Alex tells Kara that the attack couldn't have been the Rojas's because the flood would have destroyed their manufacturering hub, costing them billions.

Nia catches Kelly crying in the bathroom. Kelly tells her that her fiancé died on the frontlines and it was hard to see Alex in danger.

Lena tells Malefic that she didn't actually remove his mental block. She incepts him.

Alex gives Kelly a motorcycle helmet, so she can ride with her.

Kara tells William that the DEO identified Rip Roar as Russell.

The old lady of Leviathan meets up with Andrea.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Leviathan Lady: You've really outdone yourself with those contact lenses. I hear they are as omnipresent as one of our plagues or floods.
Andrea: That was you yesterday?
Leviathan Lady: Leviathan is everywhere. And now a problem has come up. We need you to fix it. It's Rip Roar.

Kara: I never would have thought Andrea was a criminal and I was convinced William was evil. How could I have been so wrong about both of them? And now with Obsidian tech everywhere, I mean, everyone's just in these make believe worlds and it's hard to know what's real anymore. I just want some certainty.
J'onn: You know, my biggest takeaway from what happened with Malefic is when the world is uncertain, there's one thing that's rock solid. It's the people who love you.