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In the present day, 90 days after Crisis, Lex shoots Margot and saves all the people stuck in virtual reality that Leviathan was hiding.

In the past, Lex wakes up in Earth-Prime one day after Crisis. He finds out that he is regarded as a hero,as  are the rest of the Luthors.

Lex meets with his mother and tells her about Crisis. She tells him that the Luthors are cool-headed and focused in this world, and gives him advice on how to make Lena his ally.

Lex goes to Lena and she tells him about Leviathan.

Eve, who does not know Lex in Earth-Prime, is approached by Lex. She accepts his offer to be his partner in taking Leviathan down, as she is being manipulated to do their bidding just as Andrea was.

30 days after Crisis, Eve has infiltrated Obsidian North and is working on the Platinum project.

Lex is trying to reverse Toyman's code to use against Leviathan. First though, he needs to get them to trust him so he causes the glitch in Obsidian Platinum lenses so that he can help them cover it up.

43 days after Crisis, Lex plans to use Amy Sapphire to gain more trust with Leviathan and Gamemnae by having her attack Andrea and Obsidian Platinum, allowing for him to swoop in and offer Supergirl as protection for Andrea.

60 days after Crisis, Lex and Eve go to facility where Leviathan is keeping the people affected by the glitch as a way to clean up their mess. He tells her that he has found the man who was ordered by Leviathan to kill her father. She kills that man.

Lex gives speeches around the world to promote Obsidian Platinum.

Lena offers her condolences to Kara regarding her father's death. Lex watches them.

88 days after Crisis, Lex reveals that he ordered the assassination of Jeremiah.

William asks for Kara's, Alex's, and Kelly's help in a story he is investigating regarding Lex's involvement in Obsidian. The hospital bracelet he found came back as Richard Bates'. Eve and Lex spy on them.

Lex shows Gamemnae the footage of them getting closer to the truth of Obsidian Tech and tells her he knows about Leviathan.

Brainy, at Lex's suggestion, proposes that the Super Friends use Myriad to find the missing people.

Lena finds out Kara is using Myriad and confronts her at the Fortress. A Morae follows her and releases a Sun-Eater from a vault. It knocks Kara down.

M'gann returns to help.

Leviathan advises the world to escape the Sun-Eater by using Obsidian Platinum.

Supergirl, J'onn, and M'gann defeat the Sun-Eater.

The Morae tells the Super Friends that she works for Leviathan.

We are now caught up to the present where Lex killed Margot.

Gamemnae confronts Lex, and he makes her believe that he did it all to protect Leviathan. He tells her they must kill Supergirl.

Eve tells Lex she loves him. He tells her he was playing her all this time, and threatens to kill her mother if she ever betrays him. The man that he told her killed her father was actually Jeremiah.

Lex goes to the Fortress.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Lena: Kara? I heard about Jeremiah. I came to offer up sympathies. Offer up my sympathies, god I sound like an android.
Kara: No. No, you sound like someone who's afraid to confront the woman who called you a villain.
Lena: My mother died when I was very young. And I, I know that pales in comparison to the loses that you've suffered, but I know it doesn't get any easier. I'm sorry.
Kara: Thank you for saying that. That means a lot coming from you.

I didn't just save the world, I made a new world.