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One of the prisoners Lena experimented on with Project Non Nocere experiences a psychotic break.

Brainy confronts Lex about his role in releasing the Sun-Eater.

Andrea announces the Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival.

Kara and Alex meet with Pete Andrews for his help in tracking Leviathan.

Gamemnae orders Rama Khan to get something to power a weapon Lex recovered in the Fortress of Solitude.

Lex and Lena try to fix what we wrong with the Non Nocere prisoner. While at the prison, another prisoner experiences an episode.

William uncovers that the person who made the video where Margot took the fall for all of Leviathan's crimes was using an image inducer.

M'gann tells J'onn that the Martian Civil Wars are coming to an end because of Malefic's help.

All of the prisoners are affected by the first prisoner's psychotic break, causing a domino effect of violence.

Nia uses her powers to track where Rama Khan is and the Super Friends confront him there. He triggers a massive earthquake.

They stop the earthquake and Rama Khan. Brainy and the DEO show up and take him into custody, ignoring Kara's warning about Lex working with Leviathan.

Someone starts shooting at Alex and Pete. They escape.

Kelly and William figure out that Eve was the one who made the Margot video.

Brainy interrogates Rama Khan.

Nia senses that Rama Khan's staff is scanning the DEO for something.

Rama Khan breaks free from his chains and uses his staff to collect the Kryptonite being held there. He brings the DEO to the ground.

Lena resets everything with a burst of Q waves. The prisoners pass out.

Everyone escapes from the DEO safe.

Kelly and William bring their concerns about Eve to Andrea. She turns them away and threatens to fire them if they come to her again.

Lena shuts down Project Non Nocere. She and Lex have a falling out.

J'onn and M'gann kiss.

Kelly suggests that Alex start wearing a mask to hide her identity.

Lex blows up the prison.

William follows Eve and she kidnaps him.

Lena apologizes to Kara and tells her about Lex working with Leviathan.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Don't worry, I turned the Sun red. I think we can fix one broken inmate.


Where there is smoke, there is a Luthor.