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Alex and Brainy go to the Fortress of Solitude to save Kara.

Kara tracks Lena to Mount Norquay. Lena disarms the kryptonite cannons that are pointed at Kara.

Gamemnae tells Rama Khan that Leviathan questions his ability to lead and that the planets are alligned so that he can wipe out the human race. He needs Acrata to complete his plan.

Kara tells Alex and Brainy about Lena's lies and that she stole Myriad.

J'onn arrives to the DEO with Malefic. Malefic tells them about his imprisonment at Lena's lab. Kara believes Lena thinks she is doing good and that she can save her.

Rama Khan tasks Andrea with a job. She refuses until he threatens her. He tells her this is the last job she will do for Leviathan and she will have her freedom.

Brainy projects Kara to Lena's lab in the mountain. She tries to reason with her, but Lena does not want to hear it.

Alex tells Kara that she has to treat Lena like a villain. She tells her that she used Kara's projection to break into Lena's defenses. The DEO is ready to blow up the bunker if Lena does not surrender.

Lena and Hope try to launch Myriad but the DEO locks the system.

Kara wants Malefic to counteract Lena's Q waves. He wants to make amends for his mistakes by helping.

Rama Khan takes Andrea to a supervolcano. He hopes to trigger it and set off an extinction level event.

Andrea, as Acrata, transports to the DEO to warn them about Rama Khan. He pulls her back to the supervolcano and uses the Staff of the Shadow World along with her medallion to trigger the volcano.

Hope leaves the bunker to manually realign the Myriad satellite.

Hope realigns the satellite and Lena launches Myriad. Malefic intercepts the Q waves. His power is not enough. The DEO turns off their psychic inhibitors to empower Malefic.

Malefic stops Myriad.

Kara and J'onn stop Rama Khan and free Andrea. Andrea stabs Rama Khan with the staff and disappears.

Andrea leaves Rama Khan at Leviathan's HQ. Gamemnae tells him she was appointed leader by the Elder.

Hope takes the fall for Lena and is arrested by the police.

Kara and Alex do not believe Lena's innocence, but they believe she can be saved.

Malefic goes back to Mars with J'onn's spaceship to join the fight for peace.

The Monitor appears and tells J'onn he released Malefic from the Phantom Zone as a test for J'onn for the upcoming Crisis.

Lex Luthor is revealed to be holed up in The Monitor's dimension.

On Earth-1, Nash Wells is sucked into an energy hole. To be continued on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Kara: You spent years trying to be open and trusting. Even when everyone expected you to be like your family. Even when everyone in your life let you down. Even when I was weak and lied to you knowing that all you ever asked for was the truth. You were always better. Lex took advantage of my weakness and used it to manipulate you. He wanted my mistakes to change you. He wanted you to become him. But, you are nothing like him. Nothing. Don't let my mistakes turn you into something you're not.
Lena: I am good. And I always was. Lex didn't change me and you didn't change me either. You just exposed me to the ugliness of humanity. You did me a favor Kara. I learned what kind of deceitful person you really are and that's what inspired me to do this.

Alex: Your choice to conceal your identity wasn't born out of a place of maliciousness. It was born out of love and compassion. You were just trying to protect your family and you were trying to protect Lena from people who could use that information to hurt us. And look, I love Lena too. I am deeply upset by what's going on. But, this isn't just two friends who are in a fight, this is someone who has turned a corner.
Kara: No, this is not her, this is not our Lena.
Alex: Well who is our Lena? I mean, she knew that Lex was out of prison and she said nothing. She kept Sam Arias locked in a sub-basement at L Corp knowing that she was Reign and she said nothing. She knows how to make kryptonite and she kept that hidden from us. Lena is leading her own double life.
Kara: You are making her sound like a Luthor.
Alex: Maybe that's because she is one. We can't put our faith in some distant hope that she is going to do the right thing. And, when every single action that she has taken up until now points to the contrary. Okay, we have to stop her Kara. The safety of the world depends on that.
Kara: She is not Lex. I will not treat her like a villain.
Alex: I know you won't. That's why I have to.