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J'onn and M'gann find Silas freezing to death after being attacked by a Phantom.

Kara and Zor-El try to go through one of the portals in the Phantom Zone, but they fall out of it and Kara hurts her leg. Zor-El is taken by a group of prisoners.

Kara is taken in by a fifth-dimensional imp.

Lena locks Lex out of all his Luthor Corp accounts. Lex gets the new District Attorney to issue a court order to undo Lena's firewalls.

Silas turns into a Phantom.

The imp tells Kara that the people who took Zor-El plan to sacrifice him to a creature in a lake. She shows Kara that her father is safe through an orb she has.

Lena and Brainy transfer the money Lex was giving to an experimental weapons dealer to the children's wing of a hospital.

M'gann leaves alone to deal with the Phantom that turned Silas but gets slashed in the neck as Silas did.

The team gives M'gann a transfusion of Martian plasma to slow down her transition.

The imp is a princess named Nyxlgsptinz who was sent to the Phantom Zone by her father because he feared she would take his throne.

Lex sets fire to the children's wing and tells the press that Lena was in charge of all recent updates to it.

Nyxly gets her magic back and fixes Kara's leg. She tells Kara that she has flashes of memories that she knows didn't happen to her. Kara gets them too.

The team refuses J'onn's piece of M'gann's soul to her body to prevent her from transforming into a Phantom. Phantoms show up at the Tower and Lena transports them to a containment cell. The original Phantom portals away.

Lena tells Lex that she is leaving Luther Corp. She made a deal with the DA that with her leaving, he'll drop the investigation into her.

Alex asks Kelly to move in with her. She says yes.

Nyxly and Kara save Zor-El.

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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Alex: What's my purpose now? What's the point of trying anything else?
Kelly: Baby...Loss is different for everyone, but it hurts the same. And I will sit with you, right here.
Alex: I can't breathe. I feel like I don't even deserve air.

When I landed on Earth, I was alone. My adoptive mother raised me as her own with kindness and compassion. And my sister, she showed me what it truly means to be strong. To love so fiercely, it hurts. She taught me what it means to be human. She was my first companion on this planet. Without her, I wouldn't be the hero, the person I am today.