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Nia uses her powers to open up the room in the Leviathan ship that Brainy is in. M'gann speeds Brainy, Nia, and Alex out of there because it's full of radiation. She returns to help Kara and J'onn fight Gamemnae.

Alex uses Martian technology to heal Brainy. The Super Friends use the anti-life equation to stop Gamemnae and blow up the ship.

In Lex's bunker, Lillian helps him transfer Leviathan's energy into himself. Lex tells his mother that he used Obsidian to force the people in VR to love him no matter what.

Anyone who wasn't affected by his charm will be subjected to satellites that will use sonic weapons to obliterate their minds.

Eve agrees to tell William everything she knows about Lex.

Lena tells the team about Lex's plan.

Nia has a dream of Lex as the Anti-Monitor, destroying every planet.

They plan on using a Martian ritual to stop all the satellites at the same time. Lena will rework Lex's algorithm with Myriad.

Kara offers herself to Lex in exchange for him shutting down the satellites.

Andrea uses her father's computer to buy all the shares of Obsidian North.

At the Fortress, Alex gets a weapon from Leviathan's home planet they will turn into a substance that will be like Kryptonite to Lex. Lena gets Myriad. Alex and Lena leave.

Lex arrives at the Fortress and kills Kara with Kryptonite.

J'onn and M'gann start the ritual and destroy the satellites. Brainy and Lena reverse Lex's algorithm.

Lex walks away from Kara's body as Lena's protocol kicks in and her protective suit heals Kara.

Alex uses the Leviathan weapon on Lex, but not before he sends Kara to the Phantom Zone.

Lex is arrested.

William publishes an article exposing Lex.

Nia tells Andrea that Kara is off breaking a story with Cat Grant.

Lena uses Myriad to wipe Lex and Lillian's minds of Supergirl's identity.

Brainy and Nia get back together.

In the Phantom Zone, Kara is surrounded by phantoms.

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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Lillian: And your sister. You can't kill her either.
Lex: Why not? She killed me first.

Nia, you should hear this. I had to work with Lex to destroy Leviathan. Pushing you away, hurting you...it was to protect you. I love you.