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The search for the truth leads Lois on an unpredictable journey.

She finds her sister as Chrissy ambushes Ally, but a lot of what is happening floors her.

Chrissy is shown a video of Lois trying to lie, and it causes a lot of problems for everyone.

Chrissy ignores Lois and returns to the cult asking for more information.

Will Lois be involved?

Clark is attacked by Bizarro and John Henry helps him.

When he asks the D.O.D. for help, Mitch sends a group after Bizarro. All but Tag are killed and John Henry winds up in the hospital saving them.

Lana's opponent stars to look into her family to discredit her and it leads to a lot of reveals.

Kyle was cheating on Lana and looks to go back to his old ways, causing problems for everyone.

Jordan uses his powers in a store and finds himself in trouble when he's caught on CCTV.

His grandfather helps and then asks to train him.

Things take a turn when Natalie learns of her father's dire situation.

Jonathan takes a drug that could enhance him on the football team, but there are severe side effects to them.

Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If that ignorant loser wants to attack me, fine, let him. You know what, I’d love to get up on that debate stage and tell everyone what I think of that country-fried ass.


It's your father.