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Clark tells Lois that he is being affected by these tremors.

He goes on a mission and finds himself in danger. Tag is revealed to be working with the superheroes.

Clark is checked over and Mitch is condescending towards him because of what is happening with his team.

Clark speaks to his brother who says he can show him something.

He reluctantly agrees and Clark gets to chat with his mother.

However, Tal-Rho tricks everyone and fights with his nephew to escape.

Clark wins and puts his brother back, but not before having a heart-to-heart.

Clark is conflicted because his mother thinks there's still good in his brother.

Lois and Chrissy bicker over her part in the podcast.

Lois later reveals the story was about her sister and that she's telling the truth.

Lois says Lucy fell off the deep end and she had to take action.

Lana agrees to run for mayor when Dennis pulls out, and Kyle is along for the ride to help her out.

Sarah reveals that she kissed a girl at camp and Jonathan is unsure how to feel about her cheating.

He thanks her for her honesty and the pair leave things on an amicable note.

Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Thank you for telling me.


Lois: Do you think they're connected? How many tremors were there?
John: Five.