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Three months have passed and the Kent family have been struggling with the major changes plaguing their lives.

Natalie is struggling to get accustomed to this new location with familiar faces, and John tries to help her through it.

Lois reached out to her countless times, but Natalie does not return the calls.

Lois is focused on bringing the newspaper back to its former glory, but she knows it's going to be a tough challenge.

Lois returns home to find Jonathan in bed with Candice and realizes she's been an absent parent.

Clark heads off to North Korea to save a submarine and takes it back to North Korean soil.

Mitch is livid that he did that because of the political implications.

Clark agreed to consider this going forward, but there's a frosty reception between the pair.

Jordan tries to reconnect with Sarah upon her return home, but she seems more concerned with leaving him behind.

Lana is pressing ahead with her campaign.

Things are not looking good for Smallville when random earthquakes occur, leading Clark to think about what could be headed their way.

Ultimately, we learn that Doomsday is beneath the surface, punching his way through.

Lois catches up with Natalie and she and her father agree to live on Kent farm.

Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Things haven't been okay for months, and I have been blaming you.


Candice, please leave right now. Jordan, get your shirt on and meet me downstairs.