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On this episode of Supernatural…

Charlie returns from Oz, but Sam and Dean discover there’s a good Charlie and a dark Charlie.

Dark Charlie is intent on getting revenge on the man who killed her parents in a car accident. She wants to prove herself to good Charlie who wants nothing to do with dark Charlie.

Sam and good Charlie discover that there is still a member of the Men of Letters, who once went to Oz, who might be able to help. Turns out, his dark version is a wizard in Oz. The only way to summon him is to kill the good version.

Good Charlie manages to shoot the wizard, and they grab his key.

At the same time, Dean fights dark Charlie and beats her up.

Sam manages to get the two Charlies back to one.

Dean, reeling from the fight and dealing with the power of the Mark, can’t forgive himself. Charlie does and tells him that he can fight through this.

She heads off to find a book that might help Dean with the Mark.

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh Sam, you're adorable. You're not gonna hurt me, in fact that's your problem. All good guy code no bite, what a waste.


Sooner we get rid of this demonic tramp stamp, I am back on the booze, burgers... and more booze. Tell me you got something.