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On this episode of Supernatural…

God meets with Sam and Dan.

Kevin shows up and God sends him to Heaven.

God agrees to take on the Darkness but wants Sam and Dean to find her.

The Darkness fog infects a town, except one, Donatello, who becomes the next prophet.

Sam and Dean pick him up, hoping to get help when it comes to God or taking down the Darkness.

Metatron meets up with Sam and Dean and reveals God plans to sacrifice himself.

God thinks it is the best deal to keep humanity/Earth going.

Dean calls out to Amara in an effort to draw her away from Lucifer/Castiel.

Sam, Metatron and Donatello rescue Lucifer.

Mutation sacrifices himself as the three escape.

Amara is about to destroy Sam, Lucifer and Donatello when God rescues them.

Sam and Dean say goodbye to Donatello.

Dean reveals to Sam that Amara wants to be one with Dean.

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