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On this episode of Supernatural…

With no news on the Darkness, Rowena, or Metatron, Sam and Dean head out on a case.

The brothers sing along to music, make jokes, and even have time to get a little action while on the road trip.

At first the brothers think the monster is a werepire or a ghoulpire, but it turns out to be neither. It also has a hard time dying.

Sam manages to save a woman from the monster, but she had been planning to join them.

The monsters are scared of the Darkness, and this one was trying to build an army.

Sam also winds up having visions of a young John Winchester. He believes the vision must be from God, warning him about the Darkness.

Sam tells Dean about being infected and of his visions.

Sam and Dean, after getting beat up, manage to take down the monster and save the woman’s kids.

The two head home to rest up before taking on the Darkness.

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