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On this episode of Supernatural…

Dean takes Jenna home, but he is forced to stay after the baby starts acting strange.

Turns out the baby is the Darkness and is eager to eat souls. It takes Jenna’s soul.

Dean fights with Jenna, but Crowley kills her.

Crowley is eager to get the Darkness, who has grown into a little girl.

Crowley realizes that Dean has a certain bond with the Darkness.

Sam remains in Superior, trying to take on the infected and get himself a cure.

He discovers that holy water on fire seems to do the trick, but that’s after he gets a vision of what seems to be him being tortured.

Sam manages to save some of the other infected.

Castiel is tortured by the angels, and Hannah arrives. She is unable to heal him.

A fight breaks out and the angels are killed. Castle returns to the bunker hoping Sam and Dean can help him.

Sam and Dean reunite at the bunker.

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