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On this episode of Supernatural…

Amara/the Darkness continues her search for God.

Sam and Dean agree to try and get to Lucifer. They seek out Crowley and Rowena, using the Book of the Damned to communicate with Lucifer without freeing him.

Dean heads off to investigate a massacre at a church. He runs into Amara.

Amara takes him to a secluded place and talks about their bond and being one. She kisses him.

Dean tries to kill her.

The angels show up but she kills them.

She sends Dean away before a huge blast hits Amara.

Rowena figures out how to summon Lucifer, and Sam speaks with him.

Lucifer wants to use Sam to get topside, and he later reveals that it was him sending the visions.

Sam refuses to give in.

The wards holding Lucifer back fade, and Sam is brought into the cage with Lucifer.

Rowena and Crowley run.

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