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On this episode of Supernatural…

Crowley continues to try and be a father to Amara, but she is rebellious and continues to feed on human souls.

Crowley sets up shop outside of hell, hoping to protect Amara and give her wisdom.

Castiel finally leaves the bunker after spotting Metatron on a newscast.

He tracks the scribe of God down and beats him up, hoping to get answers about the Darkness.

Mutation finally reveals that creation required God to make the ultimate sacrifice, The Darkness, his sister.

Sam and Dean track down Amara to an asylum.

Sam attempts to keep up his no kill rule.

Dean confronts Amara, but Crowley intervenes. He plans to kill Dean when Amara shows her growing powers and throws Crowley around.

She tells Crowley to go back to hell.

Dean can’t seem to kill Amara based on their connection and she manages to escape, now all on her own.

Castle reveals the truth to Sam and Dean. The three prepare to figure out their next move.

Sam has visions again, but this time of the cage in hell.

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