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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19, Sam and Dean learn Rowena is killing people. Dean tells Sam it's time to put her in line, and he agrees. Before they are able to track her down, a reaper named Jessica appears to tell the guys they need to stop Rowena soon because she is messing with fate. Jessica explains if she keeps messing with death, eventually humanity will cease to exist. Jessica also lets the guys know the one who is going to kill Rowena will be Sam because her death always stays the same no matter what she does. 

The guys are able to track down Rowena, but she is able to avoid them by sending a projection of herself. Eventually Sam is able to get ahold of her, but when he gets ready to shoot her she uses her powers on him to freeze him. She brings him back to her hotel, and tells him the reason she is doing all of this is because she wants Crowley back, and needs to get death's attention. Rowena eventually gets Billie's attention, but Billie refuses to bring Crowley back. She explains to Rowena how certain things need to stay dead because it's how life is. Rowena breaks down, and ends up letting Sam go just in time for Dean to show up. 

The guys talk with Rowena, and ask her if she will help them out in saving humanity from the other side. 

Meanwhile, Castiel ends up going to Heaven, but if surprised to be greeted by Naomi. She informs Castiel there are only nine angels left in the world, and they need Gabriel in Heaven because it's dying. Once Heaven dies all the souls will fall to earth. Castiel agrees to help her out. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19 Quotes

We didn't call to talk. The world is in danger, Rowena.


We must assemble our most powerful allies to rescue our family and confront the archangel Michael. Now he's in an alternate universe, so...