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Supernatural's Season 13 Episode 1 "Lost and Found" picks up immediately after the death-filled finale of Season 12. Sam and Dean have no time to process the vast amount of loss and grief in their path before having to turn their attentions to the powerful newborn teenaged nephilim, Jack. After knocking the brothers unconscious for a few hours, Jack goes off in search of his father. He is convinced that his father will protect him and is desperate to find him as quickly as possible. Sam and Dean immediately go looking for him when they regain consciousness, but they aren't the only ones; a team of rude and angry angels is searching for Jack as well with every intention of killing him on sight. While he is undeniably powerful, watching Jack struggle in this new world is a reminder that he really is just a scared kid, looking for help, maybe some kindness, and definitely a few candy bars. Sam and Dean fight a few angels for the chance to figure out what to do with Jack on their own, and before returning to the bunker with Jack, they stop back at the cabin by the lake to give Castiel a proper hunter's funeral and to say goodbye to everyone they lost, including Mary and Crowley. 

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