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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9, Jack is on a desperate search to find a way to get into the other world to save Mary. Jack enlists the help of a man named Derek, who's a dream walker, and is able to find his way to the other world. Unfortunately, Derek isn't strong enough to help Jack, but he suggests tracking down a woman named Kaia who is extremely powerful. 

Jack tracks her down to a rehab center, and is able to break her out. Sam and Dean end up track down Jack to the rehab center as well. Kaia ends up escaping, and Jack admits he was trying to find a way to save Mary. The guys try to fight with Jack over it, but Jack shows him exactly what he saw when he went into Derek's mind. Dean is surprised to learn his mom is alive. 

The guys immediately track down Kaia. Dean forces her to get in the car so she could help them get into the other world since she'll be able to open up a portal. They all head to a place known for being a thin veil for the other world, and Kaia is able to open her mind to the world Mary is in. Unfortunately, Kaia doesn't have complete control over her powers and she sends Jack through to the world Mary is in and the guys end up in an unknown world.

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

Kaia: So what's your poison? Why are you here?
Jack: I like cocaine.

I want you to do it. Dream walk for me.