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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 10, Patience comes to Jody's home and let's her know the guys are missing, and Claire is destined to due, Jody immediately calls Claire, who had just finished a hunt, and tells her she needs to come back now. 

Claire comes back home where Patience tells her what she saw, and tells her about a young girl named Kaia who may have answers, but Claire isn't buying her death omen. Instead, Claire goes looking for Kaia and finds her at the hospital Alex works at. Before Claire can get any answers a monster from the other world attacks, but Claire quickly gets the upper hand. 

Claire takes the dead monster, and Kaia, back to Jody's. Claire and Kaia bond over shared experiences, and Kaia is able to help them find out where the guys are. Patience has another vision of more than one monster attacking the home and tells everyone they have to leave right away. 

The girls all meet Jody at an underpass where they are eventually joined by Donna who has come to help Jody out. Jody tells Claire to stay behind while her and Donna go to try to find the passage to the other world at an abandoned building. Surprisingly, Claire listens, but it doesn't take long for Claire to decide she wants to save Sam and Dean herself because of everything the guys have done for them. 

The group goes to the abandoned building where the portral is slowly getting smaller. Claire pleads with Jody to let her go through the portal to do what she has to do, and Jody agrees. Kaia and Claire go through and are able to save the guys before it's too late. Unfortunately, a hooded figure who has been stalking the guys, appears and fights the group killing Kaia. Once Sam, Dean, and Claire come through the portral Patience realizes her vision showed her the aftermath of Kaia's death. 

Claire soon realizes she needs her new family in her life and agrees to stick around to help them fight the monsters from the other world. In the end, the hooded figure is able to get through before the portal goes away and it's revealed to be a possibly evil version of Kaia. 

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 10 Quotes

Claire: Alex, you miss me?
Alex: Not really.

I kill monsters. That's who the hell I am.