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Sam and Dean get back to the bunker looking for Jack and Mary.

They try calling Mary's number but find that her phone is on the table.

Cas tells Dean about Jack. He's concerned about Jack being with Mary.

Sam and Dean look for Jack via his phone and find he's flying all over the world.

Jack has flashbacks when he lands somewhere and Nick is there but it's really Lucifer. Jack is in his subconscious.

Nick/Lucifer tells Jack he better figure out what to do because he killed Mary. Jack insists it was an accident.

Sam and Dean return to the cabin to look for Jack and Mary. They find a dead Nick and outside a scorched earth.

Castiel is having flashbacks about Mary when they first met.

Cas arrives at the cabin. Castiel tries to explain why he has faith in Jack.

Rowena calls with no information about Jack, but tells them Mary is no longer on this earth.

Dean is furious. He wants to bring Mary back and orders Castiel to go to heaven while they go to Rowena.

Jack shows up at her door. He admits to killing Mary and how he regrets it and wants to undo it with her help.

Sam and Dean arrive but by the time they get in, Jack and Rowena are gone.

Cas is in heaven trying to find someone to talk to, but no one is there.

Rowena and Jack are back at the bunker. Jack has more flashbacks about Mary. 

Sam defends Cas that they all knew Jack had issues and chose to ignore it.

Rowena works on a spell. Lucifer/Nick shows up again in his mind. Rowena needs her body to bring her back.

Cas wants to talk to Naomi. Uma shows up instead. She tells him Mary is at peace in heaven.

Rowena tells Sam and Dean that Jack is trying to use magic to bring Mary back and if he does, it will be terrible.

Jack performs the spell.

Sam and Dean are on the way but their engine dies so they run for it. The spell didn't work. Mary's body is there, but she's dead.

Dean is very upset.

Lucifer/Nick is talking to Jack again. He tells them he will never be able to trust them again.

Sam is looking through pictures.

Cas tells Sam, Mary is in heaven. He saw her heaven himself.

They burn Mary's body. More flashbacks.














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