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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2, Sam, Mary, and Bobby are hot on Michael's trail and head to Duluth to find him. While there they find out there have been people killed in the area and their eyes are gone. Sam instantly knows Michael is behind the deaths but is surprised to find out the people who have been killed turn out to be vampires. They find out a woman named Lydia came by the morgue and are able to track her down. 

Lydia explains Michael was taking the vampires prisoner and it appeared he was trying to create something but she didn't know what he was doing. Lydia gives them the location of where she was being held prisoner and they head for it. Unfortunately, they are heading for a trap as Michael used Lydia as bait. 

It turns out Michael was using the blood from the monsters and mixing it with his grace so he'd be able to create a super army. He enlists the help of a werewolf pack and they attack Bobby, Mary, and Sam. The group is able to get a upper hand and Dean comes into the area but he reveals Michael has left his body but he doesn't know why. 

Meanwhile, Nick is trying to come to terms with what he did as Lucifer while also trying to figure out what happened to his family. Castiel informs him bad people had broken into his home and killed his wife and child. It was when he was vulnerable he let Lucifer in. Nick tries to get information on the case but quickly learns it is a cold case but he's determined to do his own investigation. 

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

Who goes to Duluth in October? You sure Michael didn't touch down in Orlando?


A little of this, a little of that and yes, good boy. Hmm. Too much that. Disappointing.