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There's a memorial for Mary at the bunker.

All of a sudden Bobby comes in and kills a guy with a hatchet because the guy was a wraith.

Bobby wants to know what happened to Mary. Dean doesn't want to talk and leaves.

Bobby, Castiel, and Sam talk about what to do with Jack. Castiel wants to save him. Bobby has other ideas.

Jack is having memories of Mary again and what happened. He calls out for his mother and Lucifer shows up. He plays mind games with Jack again.

Dean is alone and shedding tears in the woods.

Castiel shows up in Heaven. He wants to see Naomi but she was kicked out. He explains the situation with Jack. He sill believes Jack can be rehabilitated.

Dean returns to the bunker and finds Sam looking for Jack.

Naomi's replacement approaches Jack to tell him he can make a difference.

They visit an author to confront him about his heresy. They want him to reverse his lies and tell people that God is good. Duma is using Jack for her own purposes.

Castiel tells Sam and Dean about Duma. Sam finds a story about the dead professor who was found dead because Jack turned him into a pillar of salt. Someone else was killed as well. Biblical deaths. They figure out it's Jack.

Duma takes Jack to Heaven and talks more about her plans. Jack thinks doing this will please Sam and Dean but Duma is just manipulating him. She wants him to forge new angels. She has him sit in God's throne where he hears people's prayers.

Jack shows up at a prayer service. He just appears and then speaks to the crowd asking if they meant it when they said they wanted to go to heaven. He's going to turn them into angels and shows his wings to them.

This guy comes in and Jack punishes him then everyone disappears.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel arrive at a hospital to question the preacher who is still alive. The guy explains everything.

Dean wants to stop Jack once and for all. He wants to contain him in the box he made for himself. 

Castiel shows up to another angel to get to heaven who tells him that heaven is closed to him. Then he pulls a knife to kill Castiel.

Jack turns the congregation into angels.

Castiel shows up after taking the other angel hostage.

Dean makes Sam pray to contact Jack to lure him to the bunker.

Castiel confronts Duma and she tells him she's saving heaven and saving the world.

Sam continues his prayers.

Duma threatens Mary and John if Castiel interferes and Castiel kills her.

Jack shows up at the bunker. He tells them what he's doing.

Sam and Dean feed Jack their lies about why he's going into the box. Jack agrees to do it but he's hesitant.

Finally he gets in the box and Dean locks it. They leave and Jack calls out to them but they don't answer.

Sam is unsure about what they're doing.

Jack is scared and then Lucifer shows up and tells Jack he was played.

Castiel shows up and tells them about Duma's plan. Sam tells Castiel what they did with Jack.

Lucifer tells Jack what really happened and Jack tries to get out.

Castiel is pissed off. Lucifer tells Jack to give it all he's got and the box is destroyed.

The bunker's alarms go off and the trio finds that the box is destroyed and Jack comes through red smoke, his eyes ablaze.


















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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19 Quotes

A hunter's memorial complete with monster. Mary would've appreciated that.


We got to know her not just as mom but someone who was strong, tough, and stubborn as hell.