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Sam and Dean visit a pawn shop. They're looking for the "good stuff." They're looking for the skull of Sarah Goode which the guy happens to have on hand.

Dean shoots the guy when he attacks them, they gather all the stuff from the shop and go home.

There's a kid outside telling stories about the brothers as they pull up at another store.

Sam is reading about stuff in the guy's book and finds a Bazou, something that grants all their wishes. Meanwhile, someone seals their car. Apparently, the new girl in town stole the car. Her name is Max.

Dean flirts with a woman to get the address of the girl and they go to her mother's house. Another guy tells them about skip day and where she might be. There's a teddy bear, they were warned about that the girls are fascinated with. The girl brought everything into the house and one of the boxes opens up and a monster comes out. It's Rakshasha -- maybe!

A kid goes to the bathroom and a clown appears. It actually might be Gacy because it's his cigar box. They burn the cigar box before Gacy has a chance to do more damage. The kids witnessed what happened to Gacy. Sam and Dean try to explain what they do. They tell the kids they have to be secret.

Back at the cabin, Sam finds the pearl and Dean uses it to get his wish which he thinks is Michael out of his head.

the lights go off and something appears with a shotgun. then the lights come on and it's John Winchester. Everyone is shocked. John still thinks it's 2003.

Sam and Dean sit down with John and tell him their story.

Mary shows up. OMG. And they KISS.

Sam is freaking out while Dean wants it just to be the way it is and let him have a family dinner without drama.

Sam has some alone time with John while Dean and Mary are working on a shopping list.

Sam and Dean go to a shop, but the bartender guy doesn't know who he is. The girl, Max doesn't know who Sam is. He goes to the mail place and the woman doesn't recognize him either. Of course, there's going to be an issue. Then Sam finds a Wanted poster for Dean.

And Dean finds Sam doing a TED talk and he's a lawyer. Sam tells Dean that time is fixing itself and they have to fix itself back. Other things are changing including Zachariah and Cas.

They go to the restaurant wanting to know who's messing with time. If they don't tell him, Cas is going to kill everyone.

Sam and Dean are across the street and notice the lights. They go in and confront Zachariah and Cas. Zachariah order Cas to kill them and they fight.

Sam kills Zachariah and goes to fight Cas who is super powerful. Sam uses a symbol to send Cas back to where he came from.

Dean tells John about the temporal paradox and that John has to go back.

Sam is telling Mary the news. She's sad.

John tells Dean this is what he wanted for him.

They are all sitting around for dinner, but it's a sad time because they know what has to happen. Then John tells them they should be grateful for the moment and they start to enjoy themselves.

Dean suggests sending John so far back that their current life wouldn't exist.

John and Mary say their goodbyes. He says his goodbyes to Sam and Dean and they hug.

Sam destroys the pearl and John disappears. Everything goes back to normal.

John gets a phone call from Dean and he tells him about a dream he had. This is back in 2003.












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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13 Quotes

A serial killer clown. This has to be the best thing that happened to us because you love serial killers but you hate clowns.


They always talk too much.