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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 4, Sam is determined to get Dean out of his room and finds the perfect case. Sam tells Dean a case has opened up where a toy went after a worker named Stuart. Sam and Dean head out and Stuart tries to tell the guys he made up the entire story for hits on the internet. Sam and Dean aren't convinced and wait outside Stuart's home to see if a witch had maybe left a hex bag. They are surprised to see Stuart run out of his house with blood dripping from him. 

Dean goes to investigate and he is almost hit with a flying chainsaw. Sam goes to Stuarts place of employment which is a comic book shop and Dean heads to the hospital with Stuart to make sure everything is OK. Sam learns the former owner of the shop had passed away and left the store to two of the employees but not Stuart. The new owner tells Sam, Jordan never trusted Stuart because he would steal from the shop. Sam quickly realizes it's Jordan's ghost who is after Stuart as he is still stealing from the shop. 

Sam and the owner Samantha head to the hospital where Dean quickly realizes what is going on. After having it out with Hatchet Man, Dean is able to get the keychain Jordan has attached his spirit too and they quickly destroy it. 

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

Dean: Oh, wow.
Sam: What? Oh, yes I shaved.
Dean: I mean it's so smooth. It's like a dolphins belly.

Time to slice and dice.

Hatchet Man