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A guy is running through town and stops at a restaurant to kiss his girlfriend before running o a gas station. He's got something going on in his head and it explodes when he's in an aisle. The shopkeeper finds him and throws up.

Jack is holding his pet snake. Cas is concerned and Jack is evasive.

Dean is eating a huge sandwich. Cas talks to him about Jack.

Sam is having visions about the dead hunters.

Sam goes to the kitchen with a case in Arkansas. Dean doesn't want to do it. Cas is going to go with Sam while Dean will stay with Jack.

Sam and Cas are looking for a witch or demon who is splitting heads. They arrive at the gas station where the guy died. The shopkeeper is a little dramatic. his name is Martin who tells Sam the guy was from Charming Acres and that the town is weird.

It's a very old-fashioned town and one of the guys never heard or seen a cell phone before.

They go to Harrington's to find out information. And Cas blurts out exactly how Conrad died.

Jack is feeding the snake when Dean walks in.

Sam and Cas visit Conrad's house and find love letters in between the mattresses.

Sam starts acting weird and wants to stay at the house for pot roast.

The guy Sam ran into earlier about the cell phone is coming out of some sort of spell and runs like crazy in the same way Conrad did.

Sam and Jack are taking a ride. The snake is with them. Dean gets worried when Jack almost tries the devil's food cake snake instead of the angel one.

Cas can't find Sam and asks the housemaster who says Sam went for a walk and a milkshake. Cas goes to Harrington's but Sam isn't there. He learns about Mr. Smith and goes to the Smiths' house but Sam isn't there either. The tall man with beautiful hair. It turns out that Sam is now Justin Smith.

Sam and Cas argue because Cas knows something is wrong but Sam is under a spell.

Jack and Dean arrive at Donatello's place. The two go in to talk while Dean watches the snake.

Jack and Donatello talk about the change Jack feels. Donatello tells Dean that Jack seems fine and is one of the most powerful men in the universe.

Cas confronts Conrad's girlfriend about being a witch, but it's the mayor who is the guilty party.

Sam is going to kill Cas but he tries to talk sense into him and Sam snaps out of it. Meanwhile, Mayor and Sunny are fighting and Sam and Cas confront Mayor. Turns out Sunny has the same power when she takes the mayor down.

Everyone arrives back home. Sam and Dean talk about Arkansas and the bunker. 

Jack kills the snake by turning it to ash to go to heaven. Cas sees it all.








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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15 Quotes

This town is strangely picturesque.


Sam: Like a ripe melon on the sun?
Cas: It was an apt metaphor.
Sam: Well, next time try not being so ... apt.