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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 1, Castiel is at the end of his rope in trying to find Dean and turns to a demon named Kip to see if he has heard anything. Kip asks Castiel what makes him think he would just give information over about Michael without expecting anything else in return. Castiel threatens his life but before Castiel can even do anything Kip reveals the other people in the bar are all demons who are there for him. 

Kip beats up Castiel and forces him to call Sam down to the bar. Sam gets to the bar but he quickly realizes Kip doesn't have any information. They all end up getting into a bar fight but Sam is able to get the upper hand killing Kip with an angel blade. 

Back at the bunker Jack is upset because he wasn't able to help out Sam the way he wanted but Castiel reminds him they all have his back and he'll always be there for him. 

Meanwhile, Michael is on the hunt for the right people to be in his army. Michael doesn't have any patience with humans and turns to the monsters of the world to help him bring down humanity. 

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