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Kansas City Missouri. It's Christmas time.

A guy at a Christmas party gets killed by one of Michael's werewolves.

Michael is now a woman.

She's planning an attack on Kansas City.

Jack is eating cereal when Castiel comes in. Jack can't sleep. He tells Castiel he's been thinking about Heaven and his mother.

Jack asks Cas about the deal he made and why Sam and Dean can't know because he doesn't want to burden them.

Garth calls Sam and tells him what's going on with Michael. Garth is going to make the change.

Ketch calls the guys and tells them he is sending them the egg.

Garth is given the transformation juice and is a little freaked out about drinking it. He downs it and he's transformed.

Michael's turned a bunch of monsters waiting for her order. Garth listens closely.

Garth calls Sam and gives him more information about the spear and Michael's hunt for it and the plan to attack and turn the town.

The guys split up to get the egg and the spear before the Kansas City attack.

Jack and Sam are at the post office to get the egg. Jack picks the lock.

Castiel and Dean are looking for the spear.

Sam and Jack get ambushed and Jack is taken away into a black van. Michael is there. She has the egg.

Sam tries to fight Michael but he's too strong and then Michael destroys the egg.

Michael catches Garth talking to Dean.

Kaia wants Dean and Castiel to take her back to the Bad Place in exchange for the spear. She gives Dean the spear.

Sam calls Dean with the news about Michael and Jack.

Jack is dropped off with Michael. He has plans for him.

One of the newly changed is on his way to his assigned location. He and one of the head werewolf guys are in the garage. Sam beheads the chief werewolf. The werewolf chick is beheaded too.

Sam finds Jack. Garth comes in and they all head out. Garth is barfing when they get to the garage. He's changing and tries to fight it but can't. He knocks Jack out and attacks Sam.

Sam and Garth fight. Sam calms Garth down. Jack wakes up. They tie Garth up and throw him in the trunk.

The four talk about the impossible odds of defeating Michael and head up to kill him.

Michael is upstairs pouring herself a drink. She knows they're coming and prepares herself. She goes looking for Castiel. He comes out swinging and she overpowers him and drags him to her viewing room where the others are waiting. She overpowers Sam an Jack but Dean has the spear and is fighting her.

Dean gets the sear back and slices Michael's arm. Dean is having his dizzy mment and doesn't kill him because Michael has rentered Dean. Oh boy. And Dean destroys the spear.

He asks why they didn't question why he gave up Dean and explains why.

Michael claims Dean is gone. He snaps his fingers. The monsters are ready for that snap of the fingers and screen fades to black.




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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9 Quotes

Haven't you learned yet? In this reality monsters, humans, even angels they are insects -- atoms compared to us.


Castiel: Jack, if you can't sleep, it's understandable given recent events.
Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.
Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a right of passage around here.