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Nick is talking to a priest he killed who couldn't help him. He crucified him.

Castiel is tending to Jack trying to heal whatever is wrong with him.

Dean and Sam are waiting in the hallway. Castiel comes out but isn't sure what's wrong with Jack. Jack is having convulsions and spewing at the mouth. The trio rushes him to the hospital. The ER is filled, the nurse is hassling them as they have to come up with basic answers. Jack collapses again and he's rushed in as the guys wait outside.

A woman visits Nick at a diner. The woman is a reporter and they talk about his family's death. He's asking for information about what cops were assigned to the murder case.

The doctor talks to the trio about Jack. All tests came back negative, but he's still very ill. The doctor tells them he's in total systemic failure. His body is in the process of shutting down.

The trio takes Jack out of the hospital to get him some real help -- at least supernatural help. They call Rowena who comes to the bunker. She thinks it's Dean. She doesn't know she's there for Jack and Sam explains it all but Rowena isn't interested. Jack steps in and introduces himself to her. She decides to help.

Rowena performs some spells and rituals. She can't help him. She says he needs grace to help him. Dean starts getting dizzy.

Nick hangs outside a club and meets a woman who invites him into the club. He pulls a knife and then controls himself and tells her to run. He can't seem to control his impulses.

Jack decides to leave the bunker, but Dean isn't happy. Jack is having a crisis. He wants to live his life -- the little he has left. Dean is okay with it. Meanwhile, Rowena, Castiel and Sam are working on trying to find a solution to help Jack. Sam is going to have a shaman come in to help him. While Sam is talking, Dean has another dizzy incident.

Dean is going to take Jack for some fun but isn't telling any of the others what he's really up to.

Dean teaches Jack how to drive. They're having a great time, listening to music and driving.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Castiel talk about Dean taking Jack's situation hard. They're all taking it hard.

Nick goes the officer's house who was on his family's murder case. The guy doesn't want to talk and is closing the door but Nick gets aggressive.

Jack and Dean are fishing.Jack gets very sentimental.

Castiel visits the Shaman. Sergei has archangel grace from Gabriel. He gives it Castiel along with instructions. He wants to barter something he hasn't determined yet. The Winchesters will owe him as he hands over everything they need.

Nick is beating up the cop, Frank, and has flashbacks to what he did to his neighbor. Nick thinks there was a coverup. Fran tells his story about Abraxis, the guy he saw come out of Nick's house the night of the murder.

Nick has his murder hammer and kills Frank.

The gang is performing the ritual from the shaman. At first Jack seems okay, but then things go awry and now he's worse than ever. 

Nick gets down on his knees and starts praying at Frank's house. He's not praying to God, he's praying to Lucifer as something starts happening in The Empty. Could Lucifer be rising?

There seems to be no hope for Jack -- except and until Lucifer returns.



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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

Nurse: Cause of death?
Castiel: He was stabbed through the heart, and he exploded.

There is a devil, and we should try to fight him, but sometimes we just can't.