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Dean is fighting a guy in a hallwaay. He's dressed like a cowboy and has a beard then Sam kills him. It's a dream.

Dean has a case.

Sam and Dean are checking where Susan's body was found.

Sam gets a call about the death of another student from the school's principal.

Chuck visits Becky as she sends her kids and husband off. He wants to talk with her and catch up.

Principal tells Dean and Sam what happened to the other girl. They were both cheerleaders.

Becky tells Chuck she runs the most successful Etsy site in the world. She was also writing her own stories...about Sam and Dean being normal people.

Chuck tells Becky what's going on with him. Becky slaps him down.

He's confused and she tries to figure out how to get out of his funk.

Two kids talk about Susie. She's hitting on the boyfriend whose name is Billy.

The girl is practicing her speech for the next day.

Billy's father is the vamp. There's a girl locked in his garage.

Chuck starts writing. Sam and Dean look at surveillance footage. Billy's mother goes off about scholarships.

Sam and Dean figure out it's the dad. Sam gets the girl. Dean fights the monster, but the monster is the mother.

They're both the monsters.

Becky is reading Chuck's work.

Sam and Dean have to kill Billy.

Chuck writes Sam and Dean's ending.









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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 Quotes

Somebody's got a fetish.


Sam: Look, Dean, you can handle this on your own.
Dean: No, you and me.