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There is fifties music playing while an oldr bald fellow visits a motel.

Mr. Travis Johnson. The girl at the counter isn't impressed with his late checkin.

Dude wants Room 214. Seems he's dealing with some past trauma.

He looks scared shitless. His hand is shaking as he tries to put the key into the door.

It's a super groovy pad that is featured in the press photos.

Dude whips out a bottle of whiskey and begins swigging.

Phone rings. It's Caitlin worried that he's come back to that place.

He says just one night and it's over. It wasn't real. It was never real.

He's clutching something on his chest on a chain when an entity approaches. It's a spooky little kid who seems prepared to cut the man.

Well, he was wrong. The kid was real.

Baby driving in the rain. They have seven more hours to get to their destination. They're looking into Travis' murder.

They haven't seen him in 25 years, so Dean wonders why they're going to his funeral when they've missed so many others.

Then they wonder aloud why Cass left so quick as Cass sends a text. Sam is not amused when Dean reads it.

They're at the motel. When they get out of the car, we spin back in ttime the January 1993 as the young Winchesters exit a car.

Sam is reading the 1991 American College Guide. He's about 10, so it's a little early. Dean hardly encourages his little brother.

The room hasn't changed in 20 years.

Sam unpacks the knife and gun, sitting it next to his college guide, while Dean gets some candy. A girl and boy come up behind him. It's Caitlin and Travis, and Travis is the spooky kid who was with Big Travis.<P>

Their mom works there on the cleaning crew. Dean and Caitlin bond over cars.

In the present, she's remembering the brothers when they arrive at a coffee shop. Hugs are exchanged.

She's blaming herself. Travis had a rocky life after they left. When he got that help, the therapist told him to go back to the room.

They thought they were coming for the funeral, but it's already over. She thinks it's back. 

Time for memory lane again.

Travis is at the machine and a monster grabs his arms from inside. By the time Dean and Caitlin arrive, it's mormal.

The coroner said Travis killed himself, but Caitlin knows better. Sam and Dean aren't believing her just yet.

Caitlin remembers how they didn't believe Travis when he was little. Dean, though, did believe him. They have to tell the kids that they're hunters, which they find hard to believe, of course.

Kids are going missing all over town. Three, so far. 

Dean takes the pragmatic approach because he thought he killed the other thing, and if he didn't, then kids would be going missing now, too.

The kids are playing ghostbusters in the past, searching for clues and whatnot.

Dean goes to the abandoned cannery by himself, but Caitlin followed him and almost scares the shit out of him.

SAm an dTravis are playing boggle. Sam boggles, Sam Kill You Now.

Travis' words are similar. The game is messed up and get jacked and spills beore the old lady comes. Dean arrives in time to turn her to dust, but he saw something in the cannery, including a hotel room key and something inside of a suitcase that really scared him.

Now, he's in the motel hallway and seess his young self, taunting him to kill himself. Sam arrives to find Dean kneeling on the floor poised to knife himself. But when Sam arrives, Dean has no knife in his hand. But he does know that Caitlin is right.

Dean finally admits what he saw as a kid. It was a nest containing the dead bodies of the missing kids. Dean had nightmares about it for the longest time, but once he killed the thing and alerted the authorities, he thought he'd never have to revisit it.

But once the subject of secrets arises, it's hard not to think that there is more at stake here.

As Dean is ordering, Billie arrives, annoyed that they're working a case when she's seeing worlds burn up. The last world just got incinerated. She's a little stressed. She just gave Jack the last set of orders for his transformation.

She told him that the only way Dean would forgive him was to kill God.

Caitlin feels bad that their lives are so abnormal.

Billie says it's the last time they'll see her again until the end since she's not in this part of God's book. Dean is very happy to follow the plan and will help Sam get there. That's the secret. Billie doesn't like loose ends and disorder, so Dean needs to get his house in order.

Sam finds something about Baba Yaga, and she's wearing Travis' ring. It was unclaimed property given to him by his mom. That's what he wore around his neck. He got it fixed a few weeks before his death. Caitlin leaves the room while Sam's still talking. She's looking for the ring. It's not in Travis's effects.

When she's out there, Travis shows up, taunting her with the ring. He approaches, and she screams.

Dean and Sam reunite and then split up to investigate.

Sam finds a room behind the reception desk with noises and smoke seeping out. He grabs a letter opener. The girl is smoking a bong.

Dean considers the snack machien before moving down the hallway to hear all kinds of interesting stuff. As he approaches 214, the door opens. He pulls his pistol and goes inside.

The door slams closed behind him, and the entire place changes. It's a massive basement.

He's found the nest again, and there is a dead body there. Travis greets him, and Dean shoots. But it doesn't work. And after so many hungry years, she's starving. She launches at Dean.

Sam's up in the hallway now, and he finds the door. Caitlin is inside, Dean's on the floor wrestling with the chick. He pulls the ring off of it's finger and smashes it with the butt of the gun. Vanquished.


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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 16 Quotes

We barely go to school, so if you think some place like that is going to let a dumbass like you in? Come on. This, Sammy, this is our life.


Dean: I'm sorry, Caitlin, but that thing? It's not here.
Caitlin: You've changed. Back then, you believed him, even before I did.