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Homeless shelter. The young kids manning the food line don't like one of the patrons and ask a kid named Connor to see if they can make her leave.

There are house rules about being clean, and the woman is anything but clean. The pastor wants him to lead with compassion through the spirit. Connor takes her a cup of soup, instead.

Later, walking past an alley, someone is screaming for Connor. They need his help. There is nobody there. Focusing on Connor's red shoes makes me think that's all that will be left of the poor kid.

Something trips him, and Connor falls backward, banging his head. At his red shoes is a stuffed bear. It talks! Now, someone gets him by the neck with a dog catcher's pole. He's sucked away.

Sam is reading the paper. Body found in an alley.

Dean wants to take a road trip to Atlantic City because the power went out the day before. And there is the largest keno jackpot of all time, and Amara loves keno. Plus, all you can eat prime rib.

Cas wants to join them. Jack, though, wonders about the kid in the alley. Dean says maybe he and Cas should run it down. Cas is not on board, but Sam agrees, outvoting him.

Jack is dressed a lot like Cas. So cute! Someone cared the word Liar on Connor's body and cut off each one of his fingers one by one, shoving them down his throat.

There was a speaker in the teddy and in a fake rock in the alley. Someone in a hoody with a mask pulled Connor out of the alley. Cas and Jack have a real case!

After Jack asks and receives his guardian's permission to sign up for social media, a demon named Zack drops by. He talks in the third person as a style choice.

No one is making deals anymore. Zack is a crossroads demon. Who is he without making deals? Rowena has a hardline stance on all things. He's so bored. He wants to along with Cas and Jack.

Since Zack says it was a people crime, Jack figures they should just go back to the bunker. But Cas hears the sadness in his voice and says they can stay because they can help.

A woman takes the money out of the collection box at the Patchwork Community Center and is called by the same voice and accosted by someone in a mask.

Jack arrives at the shelter looking for the Kool-Aid. Or, rather, the pastor because he wants to join. The girl who receives him isn't who I'd want working at my shelter. The pastor considers himself a groovy dude, and I can guarantee he's behind the nefarious deeds.

Valerie Jones never made it home last night, Cas tells the preacher. She's in a basement of some sort, bound and gagged.

Her hands are nailed to the chair, there is a video camera watching her, and a TV turns on with a three hour countdown.

The brunette girl kind of dated Connor once upon a time. He was always there for her.

Jack commiserates. He lost someone, too. His mother.

Her mom died three years ago. Now it's just her and Pastor Joe, her father.

Jack says he has more dads than most but he always disappoints them.

Cas questions Pastor Joe, who tells Cas they're a faith based organization.

When brunette interrupts, Joe isn't kind.

Pastor Joe preaches a gospel of love and service to their neighbors instead of expecting God to intervene.

Stopped over for gas and heading for pork rinds, Amara greets Dean, who has a very distinctive musk.

Amara considers lunch. Pennsylvania perogies. She's never had one.

Cas shares his history with the pastor and his people. Once blindly following, after finding a family, something changed and he rediscovered his faith and his identity.

Jack is thrilled with his spot at the food table and interested how Pastor Joe managed to bring so many different people to the same place, leaving their baggage at the door.

Then the TV shows Valerie. Her countdown is over.

Amara won't betray Chuck to help Dean and Sam. Chuck and Amara are twins. When they split, all of "this" was created. Dean counters that it happened when she was trapped. She thinks that caging her hurt Chuck deeply. It would be agony for her to do the same to him.

Jack breaks into a gross, grimy apartment. Brother Rudy's place, apparently.

Seems like some kind of SEVEN situation. Rudy is tied to the bed, rotting, with the word LUST written above his head.

Dean has one last thing to ask Amara. Why did she bring Mom back? The conversation is intense.

Pastor Joe's daughter is the killer. She stabs he annoying friend.

Apparently, the girl's name was Sylvia! It's about time. Joe finds Valerie, and Sylvia takes him at knifepoint.

Jack arrives to stop her. He wants to help her. She says he's nothing and lunges at him with the knife. His wound heals miraculously. Cas arrives, putting Sylvia to sleep. He releases Valerie and heals her fingers. Joe is shocked.

Joe asks Cas: What are you? Eventually, he realizes that Cas is an angel. Not a very good one, Cas says.

Jack worries over Sylvia, but Joe says she'll never be alone. He'll make sure she gets help. He's been spending his life taking care of all of the other people when he should have been taking care of her.

Cas wants to help Jack shoulder the burden of what he's facing. Then Jack admits he's been lying. He's going to die. When he kills Chuck and Amara, Jack will die, too. Billie's spell has been turning him into some kind of bomb. When the bomb goes off, God and Amara will cease to exist, and he won't survive.

Jack doesn't want Cas to tell Sam and Dean. He thinks they won't understand, but it's also the only way they'll ever forgive him. Cas is visibly moved. He's seen Jack die once and won't do it again. It's not your choice, Jack says.

Back at the bunker, Dean takes a swig of whiskey. When Cas walks by, he's down. Dean thinks Amara is on board. Cas is leaving to look for another way. He has to. Cas begins to tell Dean what's up. In case he doesn't make it back, there is something he and Dean need to know.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15 Quotes

Wait. Are angels solving people crimes now? Like Highway to Heaven, though murder or something? Because I would watch that show.


Cas: What are you doing?
Jack: I'm looking up Connor online. Like Sam always says, when in doubt, try social media!
Cas: Oh yeah. I did that once. There were so many cat photos, it was just ... there were too many cats.