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A woman raids another woman's apartment. She's looking for something.

She ends up dying.

Sam is in the bunker when he feels something strange, but Dean comes in to tell him a joke from a cereal box.

Cas is at a bait sho and hears a story about a guy having been juiced that he found in the lake.

Sam is jogging nad has another strange episode.Lenny shows up.

She goes back to the bunker to tell Sam and Dean her story.

Cas is at the sheriff's office. He wants info.

Sam and Lenny are at the apartment where the girl died.

The sheriff is talking to Cas.

Sam is in Rowena's apartment with Lenny and he finds something interesting about her mother.

Sam starts having the same problems that the girl had. Probably a spell Rowena put on her place, but it turns out to be a couple of witches.

Cas kills the sheriff who is a djinn.

Sam and Dean fight the witches at Rowena's apartment.

Cas heals the boy. It takes a lot of energy.



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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6 Quotes

Sam: So I've been looking for signs of God or Lilith and you've been in your room eating cereal?
Dean: And marathoning Scooby Doo.

We don't need to worry about finding him. He'll find us.