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No matter where the guys go, everyone is gone. There isn't anyone left on earth.

Dean delivers the news about Cass. He thinks everyone is gone.

Sam tries calling Jodi and Garth, but goes directly to voicemail.

They're all alone.

There is a football game on at a local bar, but nobody is left on the field.

Jack is crying, and he calls out to Cass. He's totally dejected.

Dean has poured himself a beer.

Sam blames himself. He thought they could rewrite Chuck, but the whole world paid the price.

If they can't save anybody, what do they have left? 

They're waiting for Chuck, telling him he wins. Dean and Sam want to kill each other for Chuck's amusement, but only if Chuck puts it all back the way it was.

Except, now Chuck likes the new story better. He likes the idea of them rotting on a lifeless planet because they wouldn't take a knee.

I've never seen Dean to happy with another living being when he finds a dog. Chuck didn't get it all.

And just like that, the dog was obliterated. Chuck is going to haunt their every minute.

Michael arrives, willing to help, surprising the guys. Unfortunately, he cannot open the book.

Dean gets a call from Cass. But is it really Cass? Nope. It's Lucifer!! He says wazzup, and I laughed out loud.

He has been dispatched by The Empty and brings along Betty, a reaper, just to kill her.

Michael was next, but he wasn't. He returned to kill Lucifer. Who knew it would, one day, be so damned easy?

But not much after that was as easy. Michael betrayed them, and Chuck canceled the Winchesters. The fight was brutal, with limbs snapping, but they get up again and again, proving their value to Chuck whether he likes it or not.

And the way he'sprotesting, he doesn't enjoy it. He says that's enough guys again and again. He wonders why they're smiling, and they laugh. Because he loses.

The ol' snap of the fingers doesn't work for Chuck with Jack, and Jack fires up like a raging volcano and overpowers Chuck. He snaps his fingers, healing Sam and Dean instantly. Chuck is shocked. Is this how it ends? His book?

The pages are empty, but only death can read it. Their plan B worked great because Lucifer called Mikey a cuck. They came up with a story to feed the spell. Jack has been sucking up power all over the place, including from Lucifer.

Every punch he made released God power. Jack sucked it all up, making him unstoppable. Chuck's response? This is why you're my favorites. This is the first time he has no idea what happens next. 

After everything he's done to them, to die at the hands of Sam Winchester, of Dean Winchester, the ultimate killer. It's kind of glorious.

When they walk away, he can't believe it. They aren't killers. 

So, Jack appears to be God. And can you think of a better person to have all of that power?

Seeing Chuck sniveling and begging for them to wait was beautiful.

They're finally free.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 19 Quotes

Dean: By the way, this guy's coming home with us.
Sam: You're going to let a dog sit in the Impala?
Dean: Hey, relax, I'm not giving him shotgun. Unless you're cool with that.

Dean: You're dead.
Lucifer: Yeah, not so much. After Pop let it out and murdered pretty much everyone in the world, he empty booted me with orders to find the missing God book and use it on Chuck. Normally, I'm not very good at following orders, as you guys know, but you do not want to mess with The Empty man, total B. Especially after Jack blew up all over her and she killed dad. But that's the past! Wazzup? We're a team again, guys!