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A group of guys in Alaska are playing pool. There's some magical thing happening with coins.

The guy who loses is thrown out of the bar with the ancient coin -- and he's killed by a truck.

Cas arrives back at the bunker, but Sam and Dean are gone.

They're on their way to Alaska.

Cas gets a call from a sheriff looking for an Agent Watts. There's a homicide -- Jack's.

Sam and Dean stop at a diner for some food and to find information about the luck urban legend about a magic pool hall.

They go to the mysterious pool hall and meet the guy who runs the games.

Dean starts playing, but Sam is suspicious.

Cas is investigating the Cas case and talking to the sheriff.

Sam and Dean figure out the goddess of luck and threatens to kill her son, but she's not biting. Sam agrees to play her...for thelives of everyone in the pool hall.

Cas finds and saves Jack.

Sam plays pool with Fortunata and she decides to help them and their luck changes back. She doesn't like God.

They get back to the bunker and see Jack. Sam is thrilled. Dean hugs him too.

He tells them about Billy's plan and why he's there.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11 Quotes

I don't know how much more of this normal life I can take.


Chuck didn't do this to keep us off our game. He wants us weak cuz he's coming for us, Sammy. And if he does, and we haven't figured this out, we're DOA.