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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean break open the clay tablet to reveal a smaller tablet with the word of God written on it by the angel, Metatron. It inadvertently also turns Kevin Tran into a prophet that is supposed to protect the word of God. It also awakens Castiel.

The angels attempt to claim Kevin and return him to the desert, but Sam, Dean, and Meg want to use him to find out what the word of God says.

After a confrontation with a few angels and demons, one of Castiel's former garrison angels allows the group to let Kevin translate in order to figure out how to stop the Leviathan.

Killing them requires the bone of a righteous mortal soaked in the blood of the three fallen.

Meg fears Crowley's rise to power but Sam and Dean want to focus on the Leviathan.

Castiel offers his blood.

The angels return Kevin home only to find the Leviathan, Edgar. He kills them both and takes Kevin.

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