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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

Dean and Sam take a trip to Las Vegas Nevada where Sam ends up marrying Becky, a Supernatural book fan and friend of the prophet, Chuck.

Sam and Becky return to her home in Delaware to begin their married life together.

Dean travels to Delaware as well and begins to investigate mysterious deaths surrounding people who have just gotten some sort of big "wish."

Dean teams up with a scrawny and geeky hunter named, Garth.

They soon discover that a crossroads demon named Guy has been finding loopholes in his ten year soul contracts by hiring another to cause accidents so he can collect early. He also has been giving Becky a love potion that has caused Sam to act like he is in love with her.

Rather than sell her soul to the demon, she sets a trap for him and even rescues the brothers.

Crowley shows up angry at Guy for being deceitful. He explains they haven't had to deal with any demons because he wants the brothers to take care of Leviathan.

Sam gets an annulment from Becky.

Dean admits that he doesn't always have to watch over his brother anymore and Sam tells him now he can worry about helping out himself.

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