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On this episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean travel to Chicago and discover that it is run by various monster families.

Ennis, a young man whose girlfriend is murdered by a mysterious killer, is thrust into the monster world and guided by Sam and Dean into taking down the killer.

David, a shapeshifter from a powerful family who is in love with a werewolf, tries to rescue his love and teams up with Sam, Dean and Ennis.

The killer is merely a human trying to get the monsters to fight each other. Ennis kills him.

A war looms over the families as they vie for power.

Sam and Dean leave after getting news about Metatron.

Ennis receives a call from his presumed dead father.

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Sal: Hello, Julian. I'm not looking for trouble. I just want a drink.
Julian: And I want to eat Taylor Swift's heart, but we can't always get what we want.

All right, look, my name is Sam Winchester. That's my brother Dean. We kill vampires. And werewolves, and demons and basically, we chase down evil and we cut its head off.