On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 12, Sam and Dean need help from a very unlikely source after Jenny and Jamie Plum steal the black grimoire.

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When you watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 12 online you'll see how fair two people will go to bring back a loved one. Dean is put under a love spell by a woman named Jamie, and her sister Jenny, and they convince him to hand over the black grimoire. Dean happily hands it over. The guys are greeted by Rowena who has agreed to help the guys track down the book as she had put a location spell on it. They are able to track down the book to a small town in Oklahoma, but the guys are still not on board with letting Rowena come with them to get the book. Rowena has her own plan in mind, and puts a spell on the guys making them literally stop in their tracks while she goes to retrieve the book. Rowena gets to the home of the girls, but is surprised to learn they used the book to bring their mother back, but the spell backfired. Instead of bringing their mom back fully, they accidentally brought her back as a zombie. Rowena tries to stop her with magic, but the magic isn't able to do anything. Want to see what ha[[ens next? Go watch Supernatural online now via TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 12, Sam and Dean need help from a powerful ally after sister witches Jamie and Jenny steal a powerful book of spells.

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0 (35 Votes)
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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Sam: No, no. He didn't run away. He's literally in an alternate reality.
Dean: Okay, so we'll just come up with a plan B.

Jenny: Always look your best. Never get attached to a man.
Jamie: And always make the death look non-magical so you don't attract hunters.