On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 5, Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby race to find Maggie but they end up finding their own nightmares coming to life.

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When you watch Supernatural Season 14 Episode 5 online you'll see how crazy nightmares can be. Sam is surprised to learn a new hunter named Maggie has gone missing. When Sam goes to look at the body came he equips with every hunter he sees she may have been taken by a ghoul. Dean tries to reassure Sam, Maggie may still be alive and he needs to stay positive. The guys head for the scene of the crime but are shocked to see Mary and Bobby are already on the case. Mary tells Sam about Maggie contacting them for pointers and they got nervous when she wasn't answering their calls. While investigating the grounds, Dean hears some rustling in the shed where Maggie was taken and he is attacked by what looks like a ghoul but turns out to be some type of projection. As they investigate more they find out this thing is going after hunters. Dean goes back to the home and quickly realizes the thing which is causing all the problems is a Djinn. Dean is able to corner the Djinn who thinks Dean is actually Michael. Dean tells him Michael is officially gone. Want to see how things end? Go watch Supernatural online to see what the Djinn has to say.

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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 5, when Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby race to find Maggie, what they end up finding are their own worst nightmares.

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